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For all you folks out there who like reading books
We are offering this Site.
A Site full of Free Books.

This is our new site

Books of interest, in easy to read pdf
Including a fruity sprinkle of short stories
As relief for avid readers.
Dont be shy to spread the word.

Shellon Higbee & Norman Lashford, Burlington, VT

Books should absolutely be shared without costs, that is our opinion.
The books in our library were chosen out of interest. Any ideological or political leanings are those of the authors, and not necessarely ours. We certainly don’t identify with extreme views in some books. We show them for your information/entertainment only.
As a rule no information on authors will be provided as any such is easily available in the World Wide Web.
⇒  All entries were legally obtained and are offered legally, for non-commercial use. All these books are not for sale.

Comments are invited. But
Please note:
⇒  Any comments containing links are defined as spam and will be DELETED IMMEDIATELY. So, don’t try to sell us anything.

We do not use cookies, analytics, or any similar spyware or trackers.
Your web data (IP address and other) will not be stored, except in violation cases.



Due to heavy attacks on numerous servers (well, it’s wartime in Europe) also our servers were down for several days. This was outside our responsibility.

We might have to change the provider again, and would notify our readers (hopefully) in due curse. If our library needs to be reinstalled, all the books would be transferred, of course.



♦  There are numerous printing, spelling, or language errors in many books. All of them could not be straightened out during re-formatting/editing. We apologize.

♦  CURRENT:  Due to the altogether VERY high numbers of errors in texts we do not edit texts anymore.

♦  For some short periods in between we have to lay off for business or other reasons. But don’t worry, you’ll get fresh books again, and again. After the first 2000 books we provided we may slow down a bit, but not in quality.

♦  Some modern writers offer starter books of series, then proceed on Amazon. We do not deal with Amazon, because of their incompatible Kindle formatting, and their high prizes. We do not permit our books to be sold to, or by, Amazon.

♦  As of October 2019 we do not have access to our former site anymore, for reasons unknown. The access has been replaced by advertisements and other, more dubious contents. So, some of our own former content might be lost.

♦  Very many ebooks are incorrectly prepared nowadays; meaning the text is distorted, cannot be read, cannot be converted, or else. Most of these are from Putnam/Penguin publishers. So, if possible and if there is no other way we might use reproduced pdfs as well.

♦  Folks, be serious. – If you want a comment posted, give a sensible user name, and do not repeat do not add an advertising link. No sell and buy on this site. And no chance for robo-spammers like crytotrabe.